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Where has all the fanfic gone . . . (long time passing)

Ok, so turns out I actually talked for a long while, so if you want to skip what I wrote and just read my questions at the bottom, that would be fine.

Hey, I'm pretty now to the Young Americans fandom (having finished watching the series yesterday) and was wondering where has all the fanfiction gone? I looked on The Silver Oar Awards (which only went up to 2004 - is there any equivalent? I'd be interested in writing) and the only active links were the ones for the 2004 winners.

For example, one I was interested in was a story called "Thanksgiving" by 'Roxane', yet when I put this in google (inside quote marks) there were only two results - the page from the Silver Oar I had just come from and a forum that had been down for a couple of monthes (but I cyber-poked it and got it up for a couple minutes, then copied and pasted to a word doc.) where somone had recced without a link. Does anyone know of this?

Other than that, I wanted to see if there was anything you could rec that fulfilled some stuff I wanted sorted. See, I started writing a small amout of fanfic, and discovered that I do not like constant refferals to Jake as her/she. (Probably because when watching YA, she(cringe) appears as a boy most of the time) (This will result in some extreme stylistic issues if I ever post anything) I also read some fic on, and discovered that I don't like overly-feminised Jake, where at the end of the series she is suddenly perfectly comfortable wearing dresses again or just starts randomly having these "inner girl monologues" about guys (including over use of "Oh My God" and "I cannot believe I just did that". (during season or post-YA) Because, a) I don't see Jake as someone who thinks things that far through (see: the decision to cross dress) and b) Even if Jake did have an inner monologue, I think that for the purpouses of the boy-pretense, it would be fairly masculine and/or focused on becoming more masculine (both outside and in the thoughts).

So my conclusion from that, is that I want fic either narrated by Jake (who will not refer to herself in third person) or someone who doesn't know (Will?) or third person limited that belongs to someone who doesn't know Jake's secret. Or who does, but is struggling with the idea andjust decides to revert back to 'he'.

To Sum Up, My questions are:

1)Is there still a request/challenge site for YA fic?
2)Does anyone have links for "Thanksgiving" by Roxane which appears to have disappeared off the face of the internet?
3) Any (good) recs that refrain from reffering to Jake as she/her too much, over feminising Jake or ones that deal realistically with the gender/sexuality questions that would arise from this pretense?

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