ang_the_adverse (ang_the_adverse) wrote in whosaiditsover,

Beta request.

 Hi everyone. Just putting this out there in case anyone's interested, but I'm writing a YA fanfic, kind of J/H but it hasn't got there yet.
It's just under 2000 words so far. I was wondering if anyone wanted to read it through before I load it up, tell me which bits need tweaking.

If not, I hope to get it up in a couple of days!
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I would be happy to beta for you. I am ecstatic at the thought of new YA fic!

If you'd like, send me an email at justanotherwitch at g mail, and let me know what kind of beta you're looking for (spelling and grammar, characterization, plot, wording, etc.). .doc or google docs are my preferred formats, but I'm flexible.
Yay! I shall send what I have now over.