WinchesterJo (winchesterjo) wrote in whosaiditsover,

Episode Update

Ok, so i have found a set of links for episodes 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 & 8. .

Sorry, guys. My hard drive was stolen a few months ago and I haven't yet found any copies on the random disks I have scattered around the house. YET. When I do, I will repost with all fresh links at MegaUpload and Fileserve, as I don't use Rapidshare anymore :S
 For some reason, the rar files for 3 & 6 are unopenable. (If someone wants to attempt cracking them and leave a comment with what the password was, then PLEASE do so! THANKS) These links are for Megaupload, but if anyone wants Rapidshare links, i can provide those, by uploading to my own account for you.

This is a screencap of the quality of what we can currently get our hands on: The images are shrunk for posting reasons, but the actual video is larger in reality and ARE NOT OUT OF SYNC! WOOHOO!!!


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here's 3 & 6, I uploaded the copies I had :) lemme know if they don't work, MU was being a butt with the uploads


The downloads work, but their still the same, all jittery and weird. Maybe it's my set up and nothings wrong at all?

When i downloaded the two from YouTube, i converted them to MP4 and atleast that stopped the majority of the jitters, but it knocks the voices and video out of sync by about 5 seconds. Was watchable though, so i've managed for now.

ThankYou for the uploads though, hun! You don't look a gifthorse in the mouth, as my mother says. LOL!
no problem :)


June 27 2010, 07:26:20 UTC 7 years ago

Quand on essaye le mot de passe en majuscules pour l'épisode 3 l'extraction démarre comme si c'était le bon mais plante tout de même au bout de 30%, si ça peut aider quelqu'un de plus doué que moi !
Aww, merci de l'essai cependant ! non eu beaucoup de chance non plus. Mais je continuerai à rechercher des épisodes et signalerai si je trouve mieux ; D
I'd love to get the episodes with better quality... too bad that ain't gonna happen.
I've tried just about everything bar having the DVDs shipped from the USA. I'm in the UK, so it would cost a bomb, as well as the fact their super rare and high priced to boot. Hopefully I'll find the DVDs over here, eventually. Then I'll rip the disks for everyone on here ;D
Lol, good luck with that. I won't have that luck though, since I'm in Chile :P Now that's far away... I'm hoping to get them in April though (I just remembered my aunt is traveling to canada so I might get a chance :D )
I'll cross my fingers for you then. Lol

I'd love to do some arts for the series, but i'm picky when it comes to the quality of the videos or screencaps i use :S
I know what you mean :)
I think I did one or to things a while ago... now I really wanna do some more :D
Late comment is late, but just wondering if those episodes are still available to download somewhere? The MU links are dead or have been removed :(
I'm so sorry, Hun. But I had the hard drive stolen a few months back and just haven't gotten around to sorting the post out for them and saying so.

If I do manage to find them again on a random disk or something, I'll Definately re-upload for everyone and send you a PM if you like?
Sorry to hear about the hard drive :( But that would be awesome if you find them, thanks.