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Away, With My Heart

Title: Away, With My Heart
Author: badboy_fangirl
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Young Americans
Pairings/Characters: Hamilton/Jake (background Scout/Bella)
Warnings: Underage sexy_times
Word count: ~6400
Summary: Young love meets adult baggage.
Author's Notes: This fic started more than a year ago in my head when I first discovered Young Americans on YouTube. I want to dedicate it to the wonderful lit_chick08 in the event of her birthday because she's one of the treasures my obsession with Ian Somerhalder has brought into my life. :D Many thanks to sarcasticcheese for the beta over the first 4k words. Any remaining run-on sentences are my fault!

He flings himself down on the bed, tugging his tie loose as it hits him: the conflict, it's all gone. The social whatevers that would regulate him to secretly kissing a guy in a men's room unless he suddenly became a whole lot braver just melt away.
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